Shibuya / 渋谷

Shibuya is a fashion leader town with a different flavor than Ginza. and one of the biggest gateway for all traffics in Tokyo, such as terminal station for bus and trains, a intersection of boulevards.
Sometimes, you can see " the Crowded Scramble Crossing " in front of the JR Shibuya station on TV. That shows you how many people gather in Shibuya.
Now, this town is a construction rush! But, this work seems not to be in time by the Tokyo Olympic Games.
However, Shibuya is always vibrant and it is known as the most attractive city for women. The driving force of this changing cityscape seems to be by the power of women.

" The Crowded Scramble Crossing "

Shibuya 109 building
One of the Shibuya landmark, stocked with cutting-edge fashions for mainly teenage girls. It has become a creation base of Shibuya Culture.

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