Shibakoen / 芝公園

Tokyo tower was the tallest self-standing TV broadcasting tower in Japan until the completion of Tokyo Sky Tree in 2012, built in 1958, height is 333 meters and designed after the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but little bits higher and lighter than the French tower.
There are two observation decks, located 350 meters and 450 meters above the ground. You can enjoy watching a panoramic view of Tokyo including Mt.Fuji in sunny day.
After the sunset, Tokyo Tower is illuminated every day until 24:00. The color of illumination changes depend on the season, sometimes depend on the situations such as New Year count down or Christmas days. The cool white is in summer, and the warm orange is other three seasons.
Surrounded by charming illuminated lights, you will feel a good healing atmosphere in the fantastic Tokyo night.

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