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About 結 : Musubi.

There is a faith in musubi 's spiritual power and its deity as a characteristic of Shinto. The faith of musubi seems to be derived from the reverence for production and the national character that respects agriculture. According to the Kojiki/古事記, the oldest extant Japanese history book, Ame-no-minakanushi-no-kami/天之御中主神 appears at the beginning of the heavens and then Takami-musubi-no-kami/高御産巣日神 and Kami-musubi-no-kami/神産巣日神 appear.

For the faith of the Japanese musubi, it is also expressed as 産霊 or 結, and the meaning of the letter represents a connection, or bond. However, its meaning represents the final state of things rather than a continuous connection like an consecutive incarnation of ancient Indian thought, it represents that they are connected beyond time and space, and in addition, they are, we believe that everything is now and it is also the starting point for things.



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As a "Designated Zone Guide(Tokyo Sightseeing Guide by English)", it was officially registered in Tokyo in March 2017.
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As an interpreter guide, I can assist you with your journey by using the taxi vehicle that I own.
This is a big difference with corporate taxi driver, interpreter guide driver, and so on.
I am a taxi driver, but it is also an owner and an interpreter guide. These are licensed by Japanese law and are officially registered in Tokyo.

Regarding the contract fee, basically follow taxi's time contract, but flexible correspondence such as charter contract on a daily basis is possible. As of 2018, there are only a few business operators officially registered.

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