Cherry Blossom

" Sakura / 桜 "

Cherry blossom is very special for the Japanese people. And is also a Japanese symbol. In Tokyo, most of the cherry trees are " Somei-Yoshino " variety, and their blossoms are pale pink. Somei-Yoshino with the same DNA, depending on temperature and weather conditions, will be in full bloom all at once. In some days of spring, from March to April. Tokyo will be wrapped in cherry-colored veil. People, leave from the busy time and put themselves in the world of fantasy. Japanese people will cherish this moment.

" Hanami / 花見 "

Cherry blossoms viewing parties, are held everywhere during the peak season of cherry blossoms viewing. People enjoy eating and drinking under the cherry trees together with friends and family. Hanami, until the Edo era, was the official events and the agricultural rituals of nobility. Edo shogunate, as part of urban planning, was planting cherry trees . In particular, Sumida Park was opened to the public by Yoshimune TOKUGAWA, the 8th Shogun of Edo shogunate.

" Sakura-fubuki / 桜吹雪 "

However, life of flower is short, before long it becomes cherry blossoms blizzard, Sakura-fubuki, it will begin to scatter all at once. Japanese people see in them grace and transience of life. This is one of the reasons for Japanese people love cherry blossoms.

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