Things inherited over a long time and things that have been continued.

Imperial Palace / 皇居

Former Edo Castle Tenshu-dai (Base of the main tower) /
旧江戸城 天守台
Meiji jingu / 明治神宮

The approach and Otorii / 参道と大鳥居
Kandamyojin shinto shrine / 神田明神(神田神社)

Worship hall / 拝殿前

Tokyo sightseeing guide

As a "Designated Zone Guide(Tokyo Sightseeing Guide by English)", it was officially registered in Tokyo in March 2017.
More than ever, I will show you the charm of Tokyo fun for everyone in the world. And I update the latest information time to time.

As an interpreter guide, I can assist you with your journey by using the taxi vehicle that I own.
This is a big difference with corporate taxi driver, interpreter guide driver, and so on.
I am a taxi driver, but it is also an owner and an interpreter guide. These are licensed by Japanese law and are officially registered in Tokyo.

Regarding the contract fee, basically follow taxi's time contract, but flexible correspondence such as charter contract on a daily basis is possible. As of 2018, there are only a few business operators officially registered.

Please contact me for the safety of your trip and saving your money.

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