Ryogoku / 両国

In the Edo period, Ryogoku was a great entertainment and commerce center. Today it is the center of the sumo world. National Sumo Stadium, Ryogoku Kokugikan, close to the JR Ryogoku station and hosts three times of the six annual sumo tournaments. Sumo Museum is inside. There are many sumo stables and chanko hot-pot dish restaurants in this district.

National Sumo Stadium / 両国国技館
Sumo wrestling is an ancient Japanese martial art.

Edo-Tokyo Museum / 江戸東京博物館
It looks like some quadruped animal. Its appearance of elevated wearhouse is very charactaristic. It is designed based on Shosoin / 正倉院 in Yayoi period / 弥生時代 around the 3rd century BC. Today, a similar building structure can be seen in the Shinto shrine such as the main buiding or the hall of worship.

A lot of exhibitions show you vividly illustrated townscapes in Edo and the past of Tokyo through many models, miniature towns and figurines.

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