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" Tori-no-ichi " / 酉の市
" Tori-no-ichi / Rooster Fair " is an annual festival, an open-air market fair, held on days of the Rooster every year in November to wish for good fortune and prosperrity in business, and held at temples and shrines with bird-related names, mainly Otori-jinja shrines, around the Kanto region.
In and outside the precinct of them, many stalls sell " Kumade / Rake " as good-luck charms to rake in wealth and good fortune.
It is said that the Kami ( Japanese God ) of prosperous business lives in that rake. Many faithful merchant buy the rake every year and decorates it like a beckoning cat in a prominent place of their store.
In this year, there are three festivals during the month,
6, 18, and 30 on November in 2017.
There are only two days of the Rooster in some years.


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