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" Why don't you add one day sightseeing in Tokyo to your plan ? "

It is very difficult to visit all sightseeing spots in Tokyo in a day, but it is possible to drive around the most popular places symbolizing Tokyo.
However, it is dangerous to drive the streets of Tokyo where first-time travelers are not used. Also, it is very inefficient to charter a taxi and hire an interpreter guide further.
I think that a taxi driver who was also licensed with an interpreter guide licensed from the Tokyo metropolitan government can make your Tokyo tour safer and more comfortable. As of 2018, there are 54 people officially authorized.
Please take this opportunity to contact me, one of the few operators.
About Designated Zone Guide / Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs / Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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The travel plans and setting fees that I recommend to you are as follows.

Basically, for all tours, I will pick you up at your hotel and send you again after safe operation, but I will respond to your convenience.
Each of the following charges is the total amount of interpretation guide fee and actual expenses.

About interpretation guide fee ( July, 2018)
full day (from 9:00 to 17:00) is 50,000 JPY
half day (from 13:00 to 17:00) is 30,000 JPY

東京都個人タクシー協同組合 観光タクシー 料金案内

Option : No.01
Kimono experience , rickshaw ride in Asakusa.

How about going to Asakusa by a water bus?

How about visiting Asakusa in traditional Japanese clothes ? As for the dressing of the kimono, specialized staff will support you, so do not worry even if you are the first time.

Taking a rickshaw and going around Asakusa city with a talkative operator.
Cruising the Sumida river by riding on a water bus.

And visiting Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple in Tokyo's premier power spot.

You are limited to Asakusa when you wear a kimono and move.

The journey time is 3 to 4 hours.
The contents may be changed depending on weather or traffic conditions.
Please contact me for more details.
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Option : No.02
Enjoy Odaiba both outdoors and indoors.

Crusing Tokyo Bay for Odaiba Island, one of the Tokyo's best amusement areas.

You can also rent bicycles inside Odaiba. ( I will arrange them by your order.)

How about crossing the Rainbow Bridge on foot ?
If you are confident in physical strength. You can cross over in 20 minutes.

The journey time is 3 to 4 hours.
The contents may be changed depending on weather or traffic conditions.
Please contact me for more details.
to Harry

Option : No.03
The gardens of Tokyo

Walking in the edo-style japanese gardens and entering the present sky view of Tokyo.
And Tea ceremony experience ( extra option ).

Option : No.04
pop akiba & VR experience

Akihabara, holy place, maid cafes, lives of girls's unit, and niche world for coremania, Otaku people. Cutting-edge virtual reality, let's challenge you now.
And several different types of subculture.

Option : No.05
the shrines in Tokyo

Visiting around the representative shrines in Tokyo, touching the world of myths and approaching the origin of the Japanese mind with Shinto master.

Option : No.06
You remember the name of a precious person.

I will introduce you to the famous scenes of that movie in Tokyo.

People who are fascinated by the movie say that this is a sacred pilgrimage and visit around these places.


Option : No.07
zen experience

detoxify your body and soul

Option : No.08
spirit of samurai


Option : No.09
yummy tokyo !

" From the Toyosu Market to your stomach "
Edo-style Sushi
B-grade gourmet and all-you-can-eat menu.
Takoyaki(octopus balls), Taiyaki(fish-shaped pancake), etc.

Option : No.10
healthy sweets, japanese sweets are lowcalories.

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