This country is full of mysteries.

Japan / 日本

I made this site so that you can enjoy wanderland Japan.
As a resident of Tokyo, I will introduce the traditions, culture, and history of Japan that live with our lives through the city of Tokyo. I hope this site helps you to find out about Japan, which you are wondering.
Let's start our excursion to Tokyo!
Here are some tips to solve the mystery.

Soul of Japan

Shinto / the kami way

the kami way,is the national indigenous religion of the Japanese people,originated spontaneously in ancient times in Japan, no founder, no scripture and no dogma but based on ancestor worship.


The Japanese have worshiped many things in nature. They have thought that they are a part of nature and that they must value harmony with nature rather than as objects of control. It is based on an awe-inspiring belief in something beyond the power of human beings. And it is a concept born from the long history of Japanese nature and rice cultivation. Its worship of nature is the basis of most Japanese traditional rituals even today.

また、日本人は自然の中で多くのものを崇拝し、自分たち自身も自然の一部であり、それらは支配する対象ではなく自らと共に調和を大切にしていくものと考えてきました。 それは人間の力を超えた”何か”への畏敬の念を持つ信仰に基づくもので、日本の自然と稲作の長い歴史から生まれた考え方です。 その自然崇拝は、現代において多くの日本の伝統的な行事や儀式の基礎となっています。

a teaching for spiritual training and salvation

Buddhism / 仏教

Since its introduction from the continent in the 6th century, Buddhism has evolved into a unique Japanese religion through fusion and separation with Shinto, etc.,and has been divided into several denominations. And, they have been handed down to the modern Japanese, become part of the code of conduct,and play a role in the formation of identity.

仏教は6世紀に大陸から伝来して以来、神道との融合と分離を経て、日本独自の信仰に発展し、いくつかの宗派にも分かれました。 そして、それらは現代の日本人に受け継がれ、行動規範の一部になりアイデンティティの形成の一助を担っています。

It is in your own.

Zen / 禅

In Zen/禅, Buddha's enlightenment is called Buddha's heart/仏心. Zen Buddhism seeks to learn this Buddha's heart directly through za-zen/座禅 mainly.


Samurai Code of Chivalry

Bushido / 武士道

It is the discipline of chivalry and the duty of those who belong to a noble position. It is a code of conduct that must be followed by samurai who are of a higher rank than ordinary people, and is a moral etiquette based on traditional values.
Bushido is not codified laws, many of which are represented by the famous samurai sayings and actions and have been traditionally inherited by the oral tradition over a long history.


In this way, Bushido had a great influence on the actual behavior of the samurai,and was deeply engraved in the hearts of people other than the samurai. It is the Bushido that has been created by people who belong to the class called Samurai for a long time and has been widely passed down to generations of the Japanese, and is at the root of the subconscious of the modern Japanese.

このように武士道は武士の実際の行動に大きな影響を与え、それ以上に武士以外の一般の人々の心にも深く刻まれました。 長い時間を掛けて、武士というクラスに所属する人たちが作り上げ、世代を超えて日本人に広く受け継がれ、現代日本人の潜在意識の根底に存在するのがこの武士道です。

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Hashi / 橋


Harry's view

Keep the city clean

It is also a virtue deeply engraved in the Japanese subconscious.
Purity of mind and body is very important in Shinto. It is thought that keeping the surroundings clean will restore the disturbed biorhythm to a normal state and bring out your potential more strongly, and is one of the ways to do so. Also, I don't think there is anyone who is uncomfortable when they see beautiful things.
From a Buddhist perspective, there are individual differences, but in order to seek the character of the Buddha within oneself, it is natural to always try to eliminate anything that can lead to confusion.
These are also the starting points for the idea of the Japanese who love silence.

それは日本人の潜在意識に深く刻まれた美徳でもあります。 神道において、心身の清らかさがとても大切です。 自身の周囲をきれいに保つことで、乱れてしまった生きることのリズムを通常の状態に戻し、自分の潜在能力をより強く引き出すことができると考えられ、 そのための方法の1つとされています。 また、美しく整ったものを見て不快に思う人はないと思います。

This kind of consciousness background and mutual understanding should have contributed, in no small part, to the dramatic spread of coronavirus infection. Although coronavirus infection is not over yet, one of the hints for its eradication seems to be in the understanding and daily behavior of the cleanliness that all Japanese people have.

この意識背景と相互理解が、コロナウィルス感染症の劇的な拡散を、少なからず、抑制する事に貢献しているはずです。 コロナウィルス感染症はまだ終息していませんが、その根絶へのヒントの一つは、すべての日本人が持っている清らかさへの理解と日々の行動の中にある様に思えます。

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