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In this site, through Harry's eyes. Harry, it's me. As an one of NOGATA board staff, I would like to introduce to you the many tourist attractions of Tokyo and some activities of our " Kojin Taxi ", owned-driven taxi. They were not possible to pick up on the main page of NOGATA Website / 野方組合のホームページ. But I believe they will invite you to the exciting world filled with Japanese Asian taste surrounding Tokyo.
Please enjoy here only of the stories that I have been a little dig here.


As "Designated Zone Guide/東京都地域限定特例通訳案内士(英語)", it was officially registered in Tokyo in March 2017.
More than ever, I will show you the charm of Tokyo fun for everyone in the world. And I update the latest information time to time. Please enjoy.
Sightseeing guide booking in Tokyo, etc. I will announce you on the special page.
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Area guide

Tokyo consists of many unique towns. In this page, some of their view points and course guides, which we recommend for you having efficiently more priceless experience in Tokyo.

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